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Welcome to Koperasi Agribisnis Mandiri Banten

Koperasi “Agribisnis Banten Mandiri” or abbreviated as Koperasi ABM is a cooperative movement having a cooperation business entity in Indonesia as mandated by the Government of Republic of Indonesia in its Law Number 22/1999. Koperasi ABM has a concept which takes priority in the realization of new structure and paradigm in a society-based economic development through agribusiness at a large scale, starting from the upstream all the way downstream. In order to realize such concept, Koperasi ABM has been trusted by tens of thousands of active farmer members from the agriculture, plantation and forestry sectors across Banten province. They are the members of Koperasi ABM who attempt to realize equal welfare and justice for everyone and the entire people of Banten Province and Indonesia. The concept of struggle for Koperasi ABM includes making the agriculture, plantation, husbandry, fishery and forestry sectors the spearhead of Banten people and Indonesia in achieving the development, welfare and universal justice. Therefore, as an ideological, political, economic, sociocultural and defense and security force of a nation in East Asia and a member of the international society, the potential economic force of Indonesia must be considered in terms of quality and quantity. Koperasi ABM is ready to assist the potential economic force of Indonesians through a society-based agribusiness in the form of cooperative as an icon of Indonesian Economic Development Acceleration and Expansion Master Plan.


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